Why Creative Assemblies?

Open Wire Heater Assemblies

If you feel, because you are a small quantity heater buyer, your orders are being tolerated or ignored by the high volume manufacturers, then Creative Assemblies, Inc., offers you a viable alternative.

Short Run Production is our specialty. No order is too small.

Repair or Restringing of existing open wire heaters is done on a fast turnaround basis and is a economical alternative to replacement.

Duct Booster Heaters provide an easy and economical way to supply that needed air temp boost to these long heat-pump duct runs. Heater assemblies can be supplied to fit existing ducts or in duct adapters. Heaters can be supplied at 110 or 220 volts with 24 volt control circuits. Click Here for Details

Creative Assemblies, Inc. has over fifty (50) years of electrical heater design and fabrication experience to place at your disposal. Our goal is to design and produce a heater which is practical, functional and affordable.

Why Creative Assemblies?

  • Corrosion Resistant Supports (300 series stainless steel)
  • High Grade Resistance Wire (80-20 Ni CR)
  • Repair or Restringing (fast turn around)
  • Design and/or Built (per our specs or yours)
  • Short Runs (our specialty)
  • Quick Response to Inquiries
  • Competitive Pricing
  • High Quality (right the first time)
  • Short Lead Time on Repetitive Orders (without premium)