Electric Heater Products

Creative Assemblies, Inc. offers a wide range of customized, cost-effective, electrical heater manufacturing solutions including:

  • Control & Switch Assemblies
  • Immersion Heaters
  • Open Coil Heater Assemblies
  • Resistant Wire
  • Tubular Air Heaters
  • Slip in Duct Heaters

We can handle both large and small orders. We have an excellent reputation for our specialty work. We are also experienced in fulfilling larger inventory requirements. We can offer volume discounts to all OEM customers. Normal shipping is between 10 to 14 working days from date of order. Rush order can be accommodated for an additional charge. When an order is identified as “Rush” you will be given a guaranteed ship date.

 Rate Schedule / Rush Schedule
  •  1 Day Service Add 40% $40.00 Min/Net
  • 2 Day Service Add 35% $35.00 Min/Net
  • 3 Day Service Add 30% $ 30.00 Min/Net
  • 4 Day Service Add 25% $ 25.00 Min/Net
  • 5 Day Service Add 20% $20.00 Min/Net

Note: A day service equals “working” days

All Creative Assemblies, Inc. heaters meet or exceed National Electric Code, UL and ARL requirements to ensure safety and reliability. Each duct heater has the following standard features that some other manufacturers do not:

  • Load carrying manual reset(s) for secondary protection
  • Hinged and latched control box covers
  • Durable low watt density coiled heating elements
  • Heavy Gauge galvanized control box and element wrapper
  • The smallest control box possible to meet UL/ARL requirements for easy installation
  • Stainless steel terminals
  • Individually packed in 275 lb. test cartons

We can also custom manufacture each duct heater to meet your requirements with many optional components. Creative Assemblies, Inc. offers air pressure switch, circuit fusing under 48 amps (over 48 amps circuit fusing is standard), control box can be insulated, sequencing, sequenced with instant shut-down, control transformers, 80/20 element wire, delay between stages, pneumatic switches, mercury contactors, flange construction, pilot relays, non-fused door, interlocking disconnect switch, SCR controls, step controller, etc.

Here at Creative Assemblies, Inc. we are happy to supply your exact need “on time every time.”