Therm-coil URN Heaters, UC and UA Heaters

This post is for information purposes only. In 2015, we were informed that Therm-coil will no longer be producing their URN heaters. This includes their UA and UC models. When we found this out, we started to look for other suppliers who would fill this void. We have since found 2 suppliers to replace and […]

Slip-in Duct Heater Horizontal Air Flow

This Slip-in Horizontal duct heater was completed for a company who will be using this in a mobile electric heater. This slip-in duct heater measures 40 x 52 x 20 x 19 x 24 The wattage is 150kw and the voltage is 480v 3ph        

Press Release – Launch of our new website

Press release date: August 4, 2014 Greenwood, Delaware – We are excited to announce the launch of our new website. You can visit us at We welcome your feedback as to how we may improve it and make it more user-friendly. With the launch of our website, we want to be able to inform […]