Slip-In Duct Heaters / Auxiliary

Duct Booster Heaters provide an easy and economical way to supply that needed air temp boost to these long heat-pump duct runs.

  • Bard Replacement
  • Rheem/Raud
  • Neil-Quaker/Comfort Maker
  • Goetil & American Best
  • Custom Slip-On Duct Heater

All of our electric heaters are made to UL Specifications. We use UL rated parts and all heaters are RoHs compliant.

Custom Duct Heaters will meet or exceed industry standards and can be tailored to individual requirements in size, wattage, voltage and features.
Stainless Steel construction or very low watt density elements are available.

Download the Submittal Data Forms for your next project.

Slip in duct heaters