Ranco Electric Temperature Control

Ranco ETC-212000-000 Two Stage Temperature Control w/ Sensor (24V Input)


Product Description

ETC used in many commercial refrigeration applications
Wide temperature range, one and two stage capability
Selectable heating/cooling modes and multi-voltage input
ETC is designed to provide application flexibility
Models available include 120/208/240 VAC,
as well as single stage and two stage.
Wide temperature range (-30°F to 220°F)
Wide different adjustment (1°F to 30°F)
ETC-111000-000 120/208/240 VAC STAGE One # ASC-461-427
ETC-112000-000 24 VAC STAGE One # ASC-461-428
ETC-141000-000 120/208/240 VAC STAGE One #ASC-461-430*(NEMA 4)
ETC-211000-000 120/208/240 VAC STAGE Two # ASC-461-579
ETC-212000-000 24 VAC STAGE Two ASC-461-422
Walk-in and reach-in refrigerators, Milk coolers, Displays.



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