Lang 11030-48 440V 5991W Griddle Replacement Element

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Product Description

Lang Griddle Element 440V 5991W


SCR30, RF-21S, 500S-A, 32S, R30S, RF21S-A, R60S-ATD, RT30S-CF, R60S-ATC, CLGPB-48-S, CLG36F, 160TSS, 160T, 36S-14, RT36C, R30C-AP, RF21S-G, 36S, 500S, 36S-3A, R12-ATH, 136S-440VM, 136THE, 36S-2, R60S-ATF, RF21S-C, R30S-M, CR30-PT, 36S-M, R60S, 160TC, CLG-24-S, 136T, 172TSS, 148T, CLG-48A-S, 500S-G, R60S-ATH, 500S-B, 32S-M, 500S-F, 36S-10, 36S-0, 500S-C, RF21S-D, CLG-48C-S, 172T-PE, 172T-SJ, CLG36THE, CLG48THE, 148TDI-VG, CLG-36-S, 172TC, RF21S-H, RT36A, RT36E, 500S-D, 136TNTS, 160THE, 172TDI-VG, 148TSS, CLGPB-36A-S, R30C-PT, R60S-ATB, 500S-E, 136TC, 172T, 148TC, CLG48F, RT30A-208VCF, CR30-AP, 36S-20, CLG-36B-S, 148THE, CLG-36A-S, 172TC-TE, CLGPB-36-S, 136TDI-VG, 136S-440VM, 136T, 136TDI-VG, 148T, 148TDI-VG, 148THE, 172TDI-VG, CLG-24-S, CLG-36-S, CLG-36A-S, CLG-36B-S, CLG-48A-S, CLG-48C-S, CLG36F, CLG36THE, CLG48F, CLG48THE, CLGPB-36-S, CLGPB-36A-S, CLGPB-48-S, R30C-AP, R30C-PT




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