Champion Dishwasher Heater

Champion Dishwasher Element 208/240v 13.3/17.7kw 111266


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Product Description

Champion 208/240v 13.3/17.7kw Dishwasher element
Most KB and KPRB Series, 66WS, D-H1M5, D-HBM3, D-HBM(4-5), D-HBT,
D-HBTCM(4,5,4,5) D-LFM5, FFPR26/(40kb, 44KB,44WS,54KB,60KB,64KB,KL44)
KL(44,66), MH-60M(2,3,4,5), PR36/(40KB,44KB,44WS,54KB,60KB,4KB,KL44),UC-(C,CW)


Champion 111266



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