Fusible Link G5AM402 w/ 10-32 Weld Stud

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Product Description

Fusible Link Kit

CAUTION!!! NEVER bypass or patch solder a fusible link. The melting temperature of the eutectic alloy solder is ruined by regular solder. DO NOT replace a fusible link with one of higher temperature!! It may have already been done before!

Thermal Fusible Links

Part Number | Temp. Range | ANGLE
37M-1001-05 | 077C | FUSLXX77X |  .66
37M-1001-06 | 077C | .83
37M-1001-07 | 117C | .66
37M-1001-08 | 177C | .83
37M-1001-10 | .084C|.66
37M-1001-11 | 152C | .66



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