Finned Tubular PC085993 Steel 2500w/332V .430dia. Element Only


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Product Description

Air Flow Company / American Power Conversion (APC) Heater Assembly

Element Only: PC085993, 101-0034, KXF94DJ-1987-8

Used in heater part#’s

  • 60F-1000-07, PC083104, OM-71988
  • 60F-1000-08, PC083105, OM-71989
  • 60F-1001-04, 61611008.575, OM-71932B
  • 60F-1001-08, OM-70889
  • 60F-1002-07, PC083006, OM-71961
  • 60F-1002-08, PC083007
  • 60F-1003-07, PC083018, OM-71967
  • 60F-1004-07, PC083076, OM-1197-005, OM-71979
  • 60F-1005-07, PC083084, OM-1195-005, OM-71981
  • 60F-1007-07, PC083036, OM-1194-005
  • 60F-1008-07, OM-1193-005
  • 60F-1008-08, OM-1193-006
  • 60F-1011-04, PC083089, OM-1196-003
  • 60F-1003-08, PC083019




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