Control & Switch Assemblies

Control & Switch Assemblies

Creative Assemblies manufactures a variety of control and switch assemblies.

  • Thermowell dishwasher float probe assembly

Creative Assemblies can manufacture a variety of controls and switch assemblies for your commercial applications. Among the switch assemblies that we have manufactured are liquid level switch assemblies and liquid temperature assemblies. Assemblies can be custom made to your specifications.
Please contact us with your specific needs.


  • Flow Control
  • Pressure Washer Temperature Control
  • Temperature Controls

We can manufacture liquid temperature assemblies with our Pressure Washer Control 32° to 200° F.

  • Thermostats

When thermostats are mounted separately from the heater, we can provide protective thermowells for the temperature sensing bulbs. Magnetic contactors must be used when a heater load exceeds the amperage rating of the thermostats. Thermostats (when required) are supplied integrally mounted. Thermostats are the hydraulic type with bulb and capillary.

  • Controlling Contactor
  • Bimetal Stat